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Jackie Chan (born as Chan Kong-san (meaning "Born in Hong Kong"); real name is Fong Si Lung) (age 60) is a famous movie star who knows Kung-Fu and is also a singer in China and is most famous for being a stuntman. He was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954 and has made appearances in over 100 movies. His movies are different from other martial arts movies because he adds comedy in his movies, mostly slapstick humor (for example, people flying through windows, people being kicked off building ect.) He is the son of Charles Chan and Lee-Lee Chan.

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Chan was born on April 7 1954 in Hong Kong. In Jackie's first year of school, he didn't do well at all in school so his parents took him out of school. Jackie's dad left Hong Kong to work in a restaurant in Australia one day and because Jackie's mom was too ill to take care of Jackie, his dad sent him to the China Drama Academy. Soon, his mother left for Australia too and Jackie Chan was adopted by the master of the academy called Master Yu Jim Yuen. Jackie lived in the academy for the next 10 years.

Jackie then joined the Seven Little Fortunes and did various opera shows. At the age of 8, he even began appearing in several movies such as Big and Little Wong Tin-Bar and The Love Eternal. After he left the academy, Jackie became a stunt double for various people such as the movie Fist of Fury (also known as The Chinese Connection). He also starred in his very own movie Little Tiger of Canton but the movie was a failure and cased Jackie to return to Australia with his parents. Jackie then went to work at a Construction Site and that is where he got the nickname Jackie (as his real name was Chan Kong-San).

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