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"It represents capitalism. It represents freedom. It represents everything America is about. And to bring those two buildings down would bring America to its knees."
-Unconfirmed line from Nosebleed script
Director(s) Renny Harlin
Writer(s) Jackie Chan, Raven Metzner, Stu Zicherman
Starring Jackie Chan
Genre Action/Comedy
Language English
Budget $600,000-$850,000

Nosebleed was the cancelled Jackie Chan action-comedy American movie acquired in Feb. 1999 New Line Cinema, and then later by MGM Studios in Spring 2000 with Renny Harlin to direct (who had previously worked on Die Hard 2). Talks about this film go as far back as around 1999, where Jackie talked about writing the film with Raven Metzner and Stu Zicherman in his book I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action.

The book also reportedly had Steven Spielberg in the project. Nosebleed was eventually cancelled due to the September 11, 2001 attacks. The film would star Jackie Chan and (one or two) female sidekick(s) (one which would be his romantic lead) and would take place in the New York Twin Towers.

The plot would revolve Jackie Chan playing a window washer in the World Trade Center. Chan's character would learn about a group of terrorists somehow planning to destroy the Statue of Liberty (though sources claim the terrorists were ironically trying to destroy the World Trade Center itself -- there is a line, supposedly from the script that states it was the Twin Towers).


The 9/11 terrorist attacks struck the world and many things changed. In the film industry, several films involving terrorist were cancelled. Images of the World Trade Center in films, such as in the trailer of Spider-Man were removed. In the example of Zoolander, shots of the WTC were digitally removed. The movie Nosebleed after the attacks, was in thoughts of being rewrote, but the whole film ended up being scrapped altogether.

Chan's "Escape"[]

"Filming was scheduled to have taken place at 7:00 am last Tuesday morning, and as I had to be at the top of one of the towers for one of the scenes, I would probably have died if the shooting went ahead as planned."
-Supposed Jackie Chan quote in several newspapers

A rumor circulates the web, originating from a Hong Kong newspaper, Oriental Daily News, that Chan would actually begin production for the movie in the date of the event at 7 a.m. at the top of the towers. It was reported that the writers failed to complete the script on time, so the film was delayed and Chan instead visited Toronto, Ontario to begin filming in The Tuxedo. Newspapers lated picked up a (false) quote where Chan describes his events of escape. The escape has been proven to be false as Chan had been in Toronto days before the date of the attacks, though the possibility of the movie once being planned to be filmed in September is possible.