This article is about the film. For information about the series, see Rush Hour (series).
Rush Hour
Director(s) Brett Ratner
Writer(s) Jim Kouf/Ross LaManna (screenplay), Ross LaManna (plot)
Producer New Line Cinema
Starring Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker
Tom Wilkinson
Ken Leung
Julia Hsu
Release USA: September 18, 1998
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Genre Action-Comedy
Language English
Time 98 minutes
92 minutes (Spain DVD)
Budget $33,000,000
Gross $255,300,000

Rush Hour is an 1998 Jackie Chan American film, co-starring Chris Tucker. It is widely known to fans as the film that brought Chan's rise to fame in the West. It is the first installment in the Rush Hour movies, followed by Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3 (and a rumored Rush Hour 4).

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  • Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle were all considered for the role of Carter.